Mea Culpa Churro Yarn

~Ok, so the Navajo Churro yarn I complained so bitterly about actually washed into a wonderful, soft, little mat for Roxy. Roxy is my daughter Darcey’s cat who is forever sneaking into Darcey’s closet and dragging out the scarves and hats that I knit. She’s even opened boxes to drag out the handknits to lay on and play with. The solution was to make a special item for Roxy. She loves it! I had a hard time getting a picture of her and her “blankie” since she kept rolling on it and rubbing all over. Finally she stopped for a minute.


4 thoughts on “Mea Culpa Churro Yarn

    • I’ll take a better picture if I can get crazy cat to hold still! She threw the mat up and I snapped. 😎 The other cat, Pepper, does not have any interested in the knitted items. 😎


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