Roxy Revisited

~That was a horrid pic of Roxy and her Churro Blankie. Using a modicum of patience this time, I got a couple of good pictures where you can get a better look at the blankie. Viewing the first picture you can see how the blankie ended up on her back.

Totally worn out from throwing and rolling all over the blankie.

Navajo Churro Blankie Pattern

Navajo Churro yarn
US 15 Needles
Needle – to weave in ends

*A double strand was used throughout
1. Cast on 35 stitches
2. Knit all rows until the desired length. I folded the piece on the diagonal and when it matched the length of the cast on edge I bound off.
3. Throw in the washer with detergent to felt the blankie.

Note: I tried to use a single-spun strand of white churro to add an initial, it wasn’t thick enough for the initial to show. You can see the splotch of white on the blankie.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American followers.


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