Surprise Christmas Pyramid

~Being of Scandinavian descent, Swedish Angel Chimes were a standard Christmas decoration at my grandparent’s, at my great-aunts’, and at our home. We looked forward to lighting the candles and listening to the chimes tinkle. It was magic! As an adult with my own family, we had our Angel Chimes for my children to enjoy. Angel Chimes are a family decorating tradition. A natural segue is adding a German Christmas Pyramid into the mix since Alan is of German descent. I love decorations which move when candles are lighted. Imagine my delight when visiting Fredericksburg, Texas to see a HUGE Christmas Pyramid in the main park as part of their Christmas decorations. Of course, pictures had to be taken. I’d love to see it at night when the lights are on.

Me, Darcey, Alan

Darcey with her “crazy hat”


2 thoughts on “Surprise Christmas Pyramid

    • Q -It’s said to have it’s roots in Germany during the Middle Ages. The little figures are carved into a Christian theme. When you light a candle (on the smaller ones) it causes the levels to twirls around as a carrousel.


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