A No-sew Pillow Project For Pets

~Reading Pillows-A-La-Mode’s post about making pillows, reminded me that I made pillows for both our dog Hans and daughter Emily’s dog Castro. Since I’m away from home, I had Em take pics of Castro on the pillow. Castro is an adorable Havanese, which is a Cuban dog; thus the name Castro. He is the sweetest dog, just don’t let him near any type of paper or shoes!

Since my daughter, son-in-law, and husband are HUGE San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres fan, I made reversible, sport’s fan, round, pet pillows for both dogs. I purchased fleece patterns with the theme for both teams to make the pillows: Chargers on one side of the pillow and Padres on the other.

2 Yards of Fleece – 1 yard for each theme
Polyfiber fill

1. Fold 1 piece of fleece in half, then fold in half again. Fleece is now folded into quarters. I folded the fabric inside out so the marking pencil would not show.
2. Cut a piece of string about 1 yard long.
3. Tie a fabric marking pencil to one end of the string. Holding the free end of the string at the folded corner, pull the string tightly, make an arc with the marking pencil directly onto the fabric.
4. Cut along the arced line.
5. Repeat folding and arc with the other 1 yard of fabric.
6. With wrong sides together, match up both of the fabrics.
7. At 1 inch  to 1 1/2 inch intervals, make 3 inch cuts from the edge of the fabric towards the middle of the fabric.
8. Tie the matching cuts from the top and bottom fabrics together all the way around (I used a square knot). Leave an opening so you can stuff with fiber fill.
9. Stuff with fiber fill and finish tying off the pillow.
10. You’re done! No sewing involved.


8 thoughts on “A No-sew Pillow Project For Pets

  1. Those are ADORABLE . . . the pillows AND the pups! 🙂 And thank you for such a great tutorial! I’ll definitely be making one of these for our dog next time she needs a new bed. (She’s a Kansas University fan, so I’ll be hunting for KU fleece!) 🙂


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