One Down: Legwarmers Finished

~Score one, the legwarmers are finished! Darcey is modeling them with her boots. I hand-dyed the yarn to give it a heathered lavender look. The color on the bottom picture is too bright. The pattern is Cabled Yoga Leg Warmers by Liz Kingston, free on Ravlery.

My happy birthday day so we’re off the Jonestown’s fiber store. Hurray! Hopefully I’ll see oodles of fabulous fibers that I’ll want to scoop up and fondle. Ta.


14 thoughts on “One Down: Legwarmers Finished

  1. Just found your blog and love it! so much wonderful information on knitting, spinning ( buying an ashford this month) and dyeing ( cant wait to get my hand dirty and i loved the idea onusing the berries, muy DH has a bunch of blackberries that have been in the freezer for 3 years now i can do something with them. I love the leg warmers is there a picture of just them, it looks like they have a wonderful pattern to the knitting but hard to tell with the boots.


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