SOS To Dress Wine Bottles

q~Daughter Sarah sent this pic to me saying her wine bottles were naked and need to be dressed. This picture came from a mail order catalogue, not sure which one. (Will be happy to add info if anyone knows.)



I think they are adorable! The thought of all that “straight knitting” isn’t so attractive, so, my plan is to repurpose sweaters. Today was the day to scrounge the thrift stores. I thought I’d get an early start, but last night the electricity was out at our house from 10 pm to 8 am. I have sleep apnea and I am not supposed to be without the machine for more than 4 hours a night, so I stayed up until 4 am! Needless to say, I got a late start at the shops. 😎

I did find one great red, sparkly, cabled sweater which I plan to cut up. The two sleeves will make perfect wine sweaters. I also found two stockings with furry tops.  Can’t wait to see if my experimental sweater repurposing works! Sorry the pic is not the best, it’s dark out and shooting photos in the house just isn’t the same.


Christmas is getting close and I still have a lot of gifts to finish. So what’s new? Ta!


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