Pop Quiz This Morning

q~Put your books away and take out a piece of paper and a pencil, we have a pop quiz this morning. What do Lincoln wool and Gotland wool have in common? (I can hear my kids from here, “Mom you’re such a Nerd!” I wear the title proudly as the Nerd Test blog of August 26 can attest to, I’m a Nerd Queen.) Here are the two fibers: Left – Gotland top, Right – Lincoln locks.


For all of you Tolkienites or Fiber Factoidites, if you guessed that they were both used in costumes created for use in Peter Jackson movies based on novels by J. R. R. Tolkien you’d be correct.

The fleece from New Zealand’s Stansborough Gotland sheep were spun into yarn and then woven into the Magic Elven cloaks. The Lord of the Rings costume designers ordered 1000 m (1093 yards) of this fiber when they saw it on display in New York. Odd twist of fate is that it is produced in New Zealand where the trilogy was shot. The yarn was produced by Stansborough Fibres a family-owned business in New Zealand.

In the latest issue of Spin-off (remember it’s “talking” to me) there’s a blurb about “Yarn Fit For A Hobbit”. Over 200 pounds ( about 90 kg) Lincoln fiber was “wildspun” to use in costumes. 9 pounds (about 4 kg) of “wildspun” yarn was used per costume, this made each sleeve weigh 3 pounds (about 1 kg). Hallblacks Natural Wool Products produced the wool used in The Hobbit.

Just so happens that we had plans to see The Hobbit yesterday, so the blurb was giving me the heads up to look closely at the costumes. The Hubs, the son and I sat glued to our seats, 3-D glasses on, ducking as object flew straight at us, as we were totally entranced by the movie. Honest confession, after the movie Hubs asked me if I’d even seen 1/2 of the movie. LOL! I can’t watch all the fighting in movies, so I close me eyes. Yep, I’m sure I saw at least 1/2 of the movie and it was good. I was exhausted though watching the arms lifting the three pound sleeves, I totally got a work out.

Another confession is that I never saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so we watched part one, The Fellowship of the Ring, last night and made the day a total J. R. R. Tolkien day. Over the next two evenings, we’ll watch the other two parts. Good thing I have a spinning wheel, I spun while there was fighting on-screen. Since I have both Lincoln locks and Gotland top I should be spinning Tolkien, but I’m not. I don’t have any empty bobbins, however I will when my new ones arrive next week. Girl can’t have too many bobbins.

So hands up, how many of you are planning on seeing The Hobbit? That is it you haven’t already seen it.

9 thoughts on “Pop Quiz This Morning

  1. It’s on the list for after Christmas. Still deciding between the 4 choices we have: regular 2D, regular 3D, UltraAVX3D or IMAX high frame rate 3D. Lot and lots of show times to choose from.


    • Q -We saw the IMAX, hubs insisted! Our son arrived from Afghanistan the night before, permanently home this time, and he wanted to see the show ASAP! 😎 I’m serious when I say I ducked quite a few times, it’s so real!


      • We were dithering between the UltraAVX3D’s sound experience which results in a reverberating theatre and the high speed frames at the IMAX. I suspect we’ll do IMAX in the end.

        Bet it feels fabulous to have your son home permanently and right before Christmas too!


  2. My daughter and I will be seeing it towards the end of her Christmas break. I’m a member of the LOTR group on Ravelry. I think that’s where I first head it mention how much pounds of yarn was used in that film. I also read there is a lot of knitting wear in the movie.

    Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies. I read the book years before I saw the movie, same holds true with The Hobbit. J.R.R. Tolkien is one of my favorite authors.


    • Q – I have to admit I’ve never read his books. I’ll probably do what I did with Harry Potter, see the movies and then read the books, and then re-watch the movies. 😎

      I actually found out about the Gotland fiber when I was at Paradise Fibers in Spokane last Feb. I was just starting spinning at that point.


      • LOTR is a great book series, read it or listen to it via audiobook if you have the time. As amazing as the movie LOTR was, it still doesn’t compare to how awesome the books are. A lot of the events that happened the books are left out of the movie, events were changed in the movie too.

        I do think Peter Jackson did an amazing job making the movie, but the book still far exceeds the movie. I wish Tom Bombadil had made it into LOTR, and a whole host of other characters also. I do hope Beorn is in The Hobbit movie.

        I always felt there were more stories for J.R.R. Tolkien to write, but he died. 😉 I’ve read most of his works. Silmarillion took a long time to get through (even though it was much smaller than the 1000+ pages of LOTR trilogy) but I did have a better appreciation/knowledge of Middle-Earth by reading that book. I even have a few rare copies of his 1st ed. books which I purchased on Ebay years ago; pricey but worth it for a collector like myself. 😉


  3. Q – Note to those of you going to The Hobbit – bring earplugs!! I wish I had. I didn’t think of it until I saw Fibercrush’s comment. The fighting scenes were so incredibly loud that it hurt my eardrums!


    • Thanks for letting us know, I’ll definitely bring some for my daughter and myself.

      I purposely haven’t read or watched too many things about the movie, since I want to be surprised.

      I must admit that I have a few Hobbit inspired WIPS, and a few weeks ago, I checked out the site where they purchased all that lovely fiber for The Hobbit.


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