Beautify Those Magazine Holders

q~Today was an “Oh-my-gosh-I’d-better-finish-my-Christmas-sewing” type of day.  My sewing machine faces the book shelves in my studio so I had plenty of time to stare at the magazine holders that I covered a while back. I purchased the white magazine, cardboard holders as a pack of 6 at Ikea. I used spray glue to attach the scrapbook paper to the holder and cut off the excess paper. I downloaded the tag from the Internet and added the magazine title for each tag. The tag was attached with a brad, which was then taped on the inside so I wouldn’t be cut by sharp edges. Here is an example of a final magazine holder taken tonight so the lighting is awful. I did finish two of the items I needed to sew, and most amazingly, I didn’t even have to use the seam ripper to fix any mistakes! Woo Hoo!



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