Christmas Tags For Grandchildren

q~The sewing is done! Hurray. I’ll share the FO after Christmas. Now it’s time for wrapping and sending. I know, I know, it’s really last minute but ….. Will wrap tonight and send tomorrow. I made special gift tags for the grandkids. I downloaded the free printable gift tag from Mushy; four grandkids and four different tags. After cutting each one out, I punched a hole and added a touch of glitter to each one. Taking plaid Christmas scrapbook paper , I cut to size and glued it onto regular shipping tags. Individualized messages were specially written to each child on the back of large shipping tags. I added gold raffia to tie the two tags together and voila – individual Christmas tags for each grandchild.



8 thoughts on “Christmas Tags For Grandchildren

  1. The tags are lovely. I make my tags/cards. It’s helpful that I love to color. 🙂 I have a nice stash of paper crafts/card making supplies. It definitely comes in handy whenever I’m giving someone something. I’ll occasionally use the Cuttlebug. I mainly use that for embossing.


    • Q – Thank you! Oooh, a woman who speaks my language! 😎 I subscribed to paper-craft type magazines for years. Have you tried tea-bag folding? I love to make paper boxes and bags too.


      • I love your posts, I think my daughters favorite are your paper crafts and sewing posts. I remember doing teabag folding several years ago. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Kyte, did something very similar although she didn’t call it that. She was Scandinavian, and I adored her. She kept my wandering mind interested in her class. I found most classes boring, since they were easy but she held me interest.

        I have caught my daughter using tea bag folding in some of her crafting projects. Sketching is my daughters first (crafting) love, and she’s always doodling or creating with paper. I used to do a lot of paper crafts, but she lured me back into it a few years ago. 😉

        By the way, thanks for linking to Mushy! I see they haven’t blogged in a while, I sure hope they do. It’s new to me. I just downloaded the gift tags (plain) on green card stock, and my daughter and I will be coloring them. We’re stopping by the dollar store tomorrow, so she can purchase items for her classmates. Then, I’ll be creating some crafting kits with yarn googly eyes and pompoms. 🙂 Of course… I’ll be posting pictures.


      • Q – Thank you! Have your daughter check out Zentangle doodles! I have been meaning to do a post, but haven’t.

        A perfect gift to give her is A Daily Creative Journal 365 by Noah Scanlin. I picked the theme of making everything from paper.

        I’d love to see some of your precious daughter’s stuff! Do share the tags.


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