2013 Stash Busting!

q~2013 is the year for major stash busting: yarn, fiber, and fabric! To get my Yarn Acquisition Syndrome (YAS) under control I signed up with a Ravelry support group called  STOP formed to keep “that darn stash monster under control”. Hopefully, it helps with both my yarn and fiber stash.  I’ve been reading blogs, which I follow, and are impressed with all the de-stashing that’s occurring. I want in on the action.Unfortunately, I also have a HUGE fabric stash. I did start to whiddle that down making Christmas presents by using up at least 20 yards. Christmas present tally:

  • 7 standard pillowcases
  • 1 toddler pillow with pillowcase
  • 1 baby “feelie, textured” quilt with ribbons
  • 1 pair man’s flannel pajamas
  • 1 pair woman’s flannel pajamas
  • 2 flannel pajama tops
  • 1 girl’s nightgown with a doll’s nightgown to match
  • 1 pair woman’s fleece slippers
  • 1 woman’s fat-quarters apron
  • 1 Full-sized, flannel, rag quilt

I’m going on record by saying that this is truly an inherited condition.  Our mom was a home ec teacher who attended fashion design school at the University of Minnesota, and finished her degree at University of California, Santa Barbara.  We always loved to look at her large fabric stash. It’s thanks to her that we’ve learned to sew, knit, etc. All of her daughters have fabric stashes, some of us just have HUGE stashes. Like mother like daughters. 😎 Her mom, our grandma Agnes, was into fiber arts and had a large yarn stash. She didn’t knit, but used her yarn in creative wall hangings, purses, etc.  All of her yarns were “fancy”, not plain, old, worsted. Even though mom is/was a fabulous knitter, she was not a yarn addict. Barb and I got yarn addiction from grandma. Curls and I were lucky enough to inherited most of grandma’s yarn stash. I made a shawl for mom out of some of the yarn.

Addiction is addiction! I’m open to suggestions! What other social groups, forums, etc should I join to help turn me into a stash-busting-machine in 2013? This is serious, time to simplify by de-stashing. A massive collection of knitting books and patterns accompanies my huge yarn stash. Maybe I should pick a book and try to knit all of the patterns in it just using stash yarn. Have any of you done this? So, this is my goal for 2013. Input is truly appreciated!


12 thoughts on “2013 Stash Busting!

  1. Your Mother could use a summer nightie–I didn’t see that on your list stash of fabrics….
    I do hope you have air-conditioning in your sewing room as summer is coming and from what you have mentioned, it has been too hot to sew!!!No wonder you have so many projects–and the idea you have in this blog is a terrific way to make sure you can use up your odd fabrics…


  2. Afraid I need help as well with my crafting stash so I will watch with interest as you progress and I’ll add encouragement where possible.

    Love for 2013 from Chrissie xx


  3. Good luck to you!! I’ve been trying really, really hard to work from stash, but part of my issue as a designer is that using discontinued yarn (and they love to do that, don’t they?) is not so good for your new patterns. Alas, I have so much good stuff in there. I’m trying though, and that’s the point. Sounds like you’re on the right track!


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