Determining Yarn Yardage

q~For the Ravelry STOP group, each person is to determine the number of yards of yarn they have and to keep a running tally of how much they use during the course of the year. One question arose is that some of the yarn skeins/balls no longer have labels so how is yardage determined? As you may recall, Spin-off speaks to me personally. One of the issues had a Yarn Chart by which you could determine approximate yardage by weight and type of yarn. There was a column for determining the type of yarn if you weren’t sure. To see the entire chart click here to take you to Spinning Daily. I’ve just included the first three columns since this is about de-stashing. The chart was actually developed so spinner’s could have a quick way of determining the approximate yardage of fiber spun.

type of yarn

As you can see the yardage is determined by pounds of yarn. Since most balls of yarn are in ounces, it’s very simple math to convert. Just remember there are 16 ounces (oz) to 1 pound. Example: Let’s say I have a ball of 2 oz of BABY yarn.

  1. Convert the ounces into a fraction of a pound: 2 0z/16 oz = 1/8 of a pound.
  2. Using the chart determine how many yards are in a pound of your yarn. This example is using BABY yarn. 2400 – 3000 yards/pound.
  3. Divide 2400 yards/pound of baby yarn by 8. You have about 300 yards of BABY yarn. Note: I’m using the smallest amount to divide into, I think it’s better not to over estimate.
  4. REMEMBER – This gives an approximation.

If you do not know which type of yarn the ball/skein is, wrap it around an inch length of pencil, cardboard, etc, count the number of wraps and determine yarn type by comparing your results to the Wraps Per Inch (WPI) column.


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