And So It Begins

q~Today is the first day since October that Barb and I were able to get together for the entire day. As a postal worker, Curls is totally bombed with work starting in the late fall through the Christmas rush. Today was spent brain-storming ideas for our momentous 2013 De-stash Year. After we’ve firmed up a few things that we are absolutely going to do we’ll post our resolution. Both of us have joined these groups on Ravelry to help with de-stash: 1. Sock It To Me 2013 and. 2. Stash Control 2013. Right now we figured the best way to de-stash yarn is to actually inventory what each of us has. A dent was made by entering a teeny tiny bit of our stashes on Ravelry. My handle is Slgennut and Curl’s is Babs52knitting.  I also have the Vogue Knitting app on my iPhone in which I’ve entered stash. The worst part is getting the pictures. I really wish either Ravelry or Vogue had pictures to click on in order to add. If wishes were horses………

Both of us agree that certain yarns and fabrics were purchased with specific projects in mind, however, too much was total impulse buying because the item called our names. I mean really, raise your hand if you’ve walked into a yarn store and hear your name being called by some gorgeous yarn that you couldn’t help but fondle. Or, the colors and texture were so heavenly that it was impossible to pass up. Or all of the above PLUS it was on sale. Hello my pretty, I must take you home.

The nice thing about the Ravelry Stash online is you can make notes as you enter the yarn info. I’ll be marking the yarns for which there is a specific purpose. Since I haven’t been spinning for a year, I’m not going to include fibers in my de-stash. I have a bit, but most of it is different types of wool I’d like to try and spin.

Time for 2012 is running short, 2013 is almost upon us and then the de-stash begins!


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