January the Second- Here are the Goals


“I do think New Year’s resolutions can’t technically be expected to begin on New Year’s Day, don’t you? Since, because it’s an extension of New Year’s Eve, smokers are already on a smoking roll and cannot be expected to stop abruptly on the stroke of midnight with so much nicotine in the system. Also dieting on New Year’s Day isn’t a good idea as you can’t eat rationally but really need to be free to consume whatever is necessary, moment by moment, in order to ease your hangover. I think it would be much more sensible if resolutions began generally on January the Second.” —Helen FieldingBridget Jones’s Diary

Welcome to January the second! Tedious, time consuming, boring, etc words used to describe the act of adding my stash to Ravelry. Super yawn. I’ve worked for over 12 hours and I’m about halfway done. So far I’ve catalogued about 20,000 yards, but haven’t entered all into the database. And then there are the pictures…… It will be done! I did not keep a list of all of the knitting and sewing projects finished in 2012. While reading other blogs, I can feel each person’s sense of pride in completion while perusing the list of accomplishments. My Hubs gave an attractive journal to me as a Christmas gift, it will record finished objects this year and any comments on my de-stash journey. Here are the goals:


Fiber Crush posted one of the best acronyms for this project: S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy). Uh, sorry I have so totally passed that point. 2013 De-stash Year goals:


1. Finish WIP, they will count as using up stash. I’ve been taking pictures to put on Ravelry. You can follow me at slgennut (name because Curls and I are Genealogy nuts, her son Russ invented the tag).  Remember, I have confessed to Knitter’s Attention Deficit Disorder (KADD) there is always a new pattern, technique, or yarn that keeps haunting my thoughts, “Try me, try me, cast aside what you’re doing and try me.” I have to focus and quit listening the the voice whispering in my ear which is leading me into bad habits! I have a few others, but somehow the pattern has become separated from the project so I’ll have to do some research.

  • Tidal Wave Socks – by Deby Lake
  • Litla Dimun Shawl – in Folk Shawls
  • 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL
  • Mystery Shawl
  • Brioche Scarf – in Knitting Brioche
  • Lavender Linen Lace Shawl
  • Self-fringing Shawl
  • Directional Scarf
  • Volna Scarf – by Grumperina
  • Victorian Shawlette
  • Kimono by Plymouth Yarns
  • Concerto – triangular ruffle shawl by Sheera
  • Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf – by Sivia Harding
  • Amanda’s Vest for Scarf Knitters – by Amanda’s Art-Yarn
  • Flower Blanket – black and white handout, no author listed
  • Knotty Scarflet – Sivia Harding
  • Lazy Girl Shawl – Melissa Mitchel
  • Kaellingesjal 1897 – Hap shawl by Mette Roerbec
  • Norwegian Star – finish second sock
  • Winona – shrug by Berroco

2. Sock It To Me 2013 – a sock a month. Join it on Ravelry. The pattern is “Beginners Socks” by Heather Storta, a free pattern on Ravelry. I really need some nice warm socks. I spin bare footed, but it’s too cold during the winter, I need some nice, pretty, socks. 😎

3. I will not purchase any more knitting patterns or books. I have so many books and patterns that I cannot begin to make everything I’d like. Yes, Woolly Wormhead, I know you are having a wonderful 33% discount on all pdfs and ebooks, but I’m not giving in to your siren call! Be strong! I will probably purchase some spinning books which have knitting patterns in them, but that doesn’t count! Since I use Swagbucks as a search engine, I do accumulate enough points to earn free books on Amazon. Since they are totally free, I can get new knitting books. Ah, loving the loop holes.


Luckily for me, I sew a heck of a lot faster than I knit as seen by my December 27 post. I made all of those items in the month before Christmas, using up over 20 yards of fabric stash. Once started, I turn into a sewing demon! I only have a few of sewing WIP, among which are two quilt tops which are finished and need to be sent off to a quilter to finish. I do not like quilting, I only like piecing the top. These are my fabric stash goals:

1. Make more pajamas as requested by various family members.

2. Make all quilts in More Quilts for Baby. There is a huge amount of children’t fabric in my stash, time to use it up.  That’s a total of 21 quilts. The first one is Lunchtime which features frogs and bugs, super yuck! I won’t be using the same theme as the names. I haven’t figured out which fabrics to use, but I’ll head up to the studio today and have some fabric fun. These will also make nice lap quilts when using “adult” fabrics, a few might be sewn as such. These are quick quilts which should only take one to two days to finish. My old Rowenta died during the Christmas sewing frenzy, so I’ve “had” to order a new one which should arrive this week then let the sewing begin! Family members, you’d better put your orders in now.

more_baby_quilts3. Aprons, aprons, who has the apron? There are fabrics purchased purposely for aprons, now’s the time! The first apron will be a pioneer, country-style apron which I need to wear when spinning. There is a fiber haze twirling around me as I spin, I even end up with it on my back! Curls and I have collected a large amount of apron patterns, time to use some.

4. Bucket Bags – free instructions on Craftsy.com. Did have to purchase Fusible Fleece for the project, doesn’t count as fabric.

Done! All of my warts out in the open. Nothing held back (well almost nothing). I wish there was a Ravelry-type site online for sewing! I’ll be slowly entering all of my knitting WIP and stash so keep checking. 2013 will be the stash-busting year! This time next year I’m hoping to write: “Goals met!” So happy knitting and sewing to all!

11 thoughts on “January the Second- Here are the Goals

  1. You have far more patience than I to put all that detail in Ravelry. Whew! That’s a huge amount of work. I hope you have some treat planned for yourself at the end! I think I’m just going with bins becoming more and more empty as my measure of progress. Just thinking about the number of yards gives me a headache!


    • Q – One reason I’m doing the loooooonnnnnnggggg tedious process is that it will be a lot easier for me to see if I have the appropiat yarn and yarn amount when (not if) I see a pattern I like. My stash in is quite a few different places, so this consolidates it into one visual database! Another plus is that I’ll buy yarn for a particular pattern and then forget which one. 😎 I can add notes to the yarn database. I’ve entered 164 skeins of yarn and still have 1/3 more of the stash to go. 😎


      • If you say so! 😉 I so hope it works for you. See if you still feel the same way about the database at the end of the year. (Speaking as one who has spent countless hours cataloguing a lot of things in her past and not done all that much with the catalogued result!)


  2. I think I can abstain from fiber for a few months, but abstaining from books would be very had for me. Seems like a good goal though. Maybe this will get me to finally make more use of my library card.


    • Q – Right now I have enough Swagbuck credits to get a new knitting book for free. If it’s free I’ll get knitting books. 😎 I do get knitting books from the library, especially if there is only one pattern I’m interested in. Also, I did use is it inter or intra – library loan to get a knitting book from a library in Washington that I wanted to see – all free! I’ve also downloaded to my Kindle. Space for book storage does become a premium, especially since the Hubs is a voracious reader too. And, I’m not giving up my knitting magazine subscriptions! That’s too much. 😎

      How’s the wedding shawl?


  3. Good luck on your goals this year. I really should look into getting stash recorded on Ravelry. I don’t have that much really, but I’ve been known to buy the same yarn a second time because I didn’t know what I had. Maybe I’ll give the cataloging another try.


    • Q – Thanks! I’ve done the same countless times! Also, since sister Barb is doing the same, I’ll be able to see if she has a yarn before buying a present for her. 😎 Or, to “borrow” yarn from her that I need. LOL!


  4. You are so good. I know it’s convenient and good organization to have all the info in one place, but I intentionally do not go on Ravelry unless absolutely have to … because then I’ll be spending more time in front of the screen! and yes, adding the yarn, projects, needles, etc … I could use that time actually playing with the yarn. Maybe some other year …


    • Q – Thanks! Thankfully I’m finished. I think 481 skeins is ridiculous. This forced me to look at what I had and to actually use it. I go on and click on my name, then stash or groups. I’m putting blinders on to the rest. 😎 Let’s hope that works all year. LOL!


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