Stash Buster

curls2 – Well another year is here and Q and I have declared 2013 De-stash Year!yarnstash

As you can see I have more than my fair share of yarn. This is about 90% of my stash.  So this year I am going to make a major dent in it. Q and I have joined Ravelry’s “Sock it to Me 2013” and Stash Control 2013. The plan is to knit a pair of socks a month. Also, I am going to select knitting projects from my large collection of knitting books and patterns. Today I chose two patterns: 1. a sweater to knit and 2. a new knitting technique to try out on a scarf. Join in the fun. This is only the beginning. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Stash Buster

  1. Oh gosh — it does look like a lot when you arrange it all so nicely. Mine is in bins so it’s not quite so readily measurable. But I suspect when I combine all my yarn including the undyed stuff, that I started with a similar amount back in September. Sigh.


    • Q – LOL! That’s Barb’s stash. 😎 Mine is in two hanging closet bags, one trunk, and various carry-on bags. 😎 There isn’t any why that my stash could be photographed so beautifully! LOL!


  2. LoL! De-stash – I say that every year, throughout the year. The stash just breeds more bags. I also have a closet, storage tubs under the bed and in the attic, some boxes, some carry on bags. *sigh* Hanging closets/hanging shoe closets – I was thinking of using those – but then I’d have to find another closet to hang them from!


    • Q – LOL! I am so lucky, we have a 4 bedroom house since we had 4 kids. They have moved out and I’ve taken over the closets! One is totally filled with fabric, the other has most of my yarn. Yea! We’re wanting to down-size, so gotta get rid of a large yarn and fabric stash. Sigh……..


  3. Curls, I love your neatly stashed yarn. I keep mine in ziplock bags, stored and stacked neatly in large clear quilt bags or clear storage containers. These are all stacked neatly in the closet was converted to shelves. Knitted and crocheted sachets to which (I’ve added a blend of lavender and cedarwood) are kept in storage with my yarn each storage bin and essential oil to keep the pests away.

    Is that a felted bag tote bag I see in the corner? It’s lovely!


    • Hi, I, too, keep cedar in each bag. I like your idea of knitting or crocheting sachets. This is something I am going to add to my list of to do with scrap yarn. That is a green felted bag. I love this bag. I am now going to make a post on my green bag. Thanks for all you ideas. Q and I love them. Curls


  4. I’m planning to knit at least all the sweaters worth of yarn from the stash before I buy any more. Also I think I’ll be better if I start with a pattern/project and then find yarn to suit rather than starting with yarn from the stash and then trying to work out what to make with it.


    • Q – Good stash busting idea! Curls and I are picking patterns too and then finding the yarn. That’s why I want a yarn database, if I don’t have enough yarn for a pattern, I’ll pick a different pattern. 😎 Some yarn I did purchase for specific purposes, guess I should actually do that. 😎


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