Repurposed Circular Needle Holder

q~Reading with interest how my fellow bloggers store their circular needles, I came up with my own solution. I originally had them in an old fashioned, wooden, expandable, sewing box which didn’t work well because I’d have to dig through to find the size I wanted. When cleaning out a closet for AmVet donations, I found my 1980’s Guatemalan woven belt. This belt was perfect for repurposing into a circular needle holder. Mistake to avoid: I forgot that each sleeve needed to be labeled with the needle size. I hand wrote sizes on pieces of twill tape and glued to each sleeve. Velcro is added to the back and onto a cupboard in my studio. A button was added to the bottom from which to hang a needle size gauge. I LOVE this holder. It is looking pretty empty, just think how happy it will be as I finish my WIPs. Much wiser when making one for Curls, I used Fimo to cut out a shape, add a top hole and a number to, bake and then sew onto each sleeve. Much better.  Easy peasy to make.  I can grab the needle and cable length I need with just a quick glance.


Side note, I know it can be very confusing when two people share a blog. If you see the Q icon at the beginning, Susan (short for Susie-Q) is the author. If you see the Curls icon, Barbara (Curly hair) did. Curls is a substitute postal worker and does not really have a moment to spare starting fall through Christmas. You’ll see her posting more often now. I actually got the icon idea from a blog shared by a mother and daughter; each had an icon to let the reader know who was posting for the day. I’d so TOTALLY love to take credit for the beautiful yarn stash storage posted yesterday, but, alas, it’s Curls.




5 thoughts on “Repurposed Circular Needle Holder

  1. This is a super idea! I have many scraps I could use. I’ve been struggling with what to do with my circulars. It’s too fiddly for me to put them in a binder. I’ve tried tying them all together but what a pain it is to get one out. I like the idea of organizing them by size — then I can see what I’m missing and what I have triplicates of! 😉


    • Q – Thanks! I found it too fiddly too! And in the sewing box “a pain it is to get one out”. This was is so visual! I pic what I need in just seconds. If I need a long- cabled 2 – there it is!


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