Keeping The Fiber Away

q~When daughter Darcey was young it was impossible to keep her clean for more than 5 minutes! One year on picture day her teacher grabbed her when she walked in and put her at a desk in the corner to keep her away from the paints, etc. When walking out for pictures, the teacher noticed a big, YELLOW paint, handprint on the back of her dress. At least it was on the back. LOL. We could never figure that one out. Well, fiber is attracted to me the way paint was to Darcey. I end up with it EVERYWHERE on me: hair, back, bum, etc. Ha, Ha fiber, I’ve sewn the Fiber Thwarter, which covers both the front AND the back. Hopefully, this will keep me relatively fiber free, a towel on the lap was not enough. Best of all, I used up 2 1/2 yards of fabric stash. I modified McCalls pattern M5551. They were on sale at Joann’s for $.99, so it was easier to modify one that make one from scratch.



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