Encircle My Head

q~While donning my Encircle hat, I realized that I never posted the finished object. this was the  Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL. I finished the hat and it took a few weeks to decide which adornment I liked. I knit and crocheted a couple of flowers, hum……. Didn’t grab me. Played with a few different buttons and finally decided on one. This is the finished project! I technically can’t count it in my used stashed for this year since it’s been done for awhile. Dang!



6 thoughts on “Encircle My Head

  1. I really like that hat! I do that often make something and never get around to posting the item, most times it’s too late since I’ve gifted it to someone.

    Yep adornments and sometimes trying to decide on the color (or colors) can slow me down with some of my projects. I can relate to what that must have been like. 😉 You should see me when I play a video game, if I get to name the character (and select its features) I might be on the selection screen for a little while! Ha Ha… 😉


    • Q – Thanks! It really is the adornments that form a conundrum, what to use? What to use? What to use? 😎

      On the WII I have an avatar which look like me? 😎 The grandkids made it. LOL!


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