Starbucks Upset

q~Not to be a walking ad for Starbucks, but I do LOVE my Venti-Black-Iced Tea-No Sweetener-No Water please. On August 12, 2012 Add Sparkle to Your Coffee, we blogged about adding sparkle to our clear plastic, insulated Starbucks beverage cups. When visiting Darcey, she loved the venti-sized, decorated cup so being a fantastic mom I gave it to her. Thinking: No prob, I’ll just get a new one when I get home and decorate it. WRONG! Starbucks what have you done? I purchased a new Venti-sized, clear plastic, insulated beverage cup AND you can’t open it to decorate the lining. WHAT?????? Do you think I noticed this at the store? Nope? I had them wash out the cup and use it for my tea order. So, cup used, can’t be return, besides I need this size. Starbucks I’m so upset with you! Where’s my glitz now? The free $5 ecard and free Blonde Coffee coupon I just got from you (Thanks theDealyo) does not make up for this! Sigh……

Ugly duckling, plastic cup, so sad you’ll never become a swan.

Starbuck's Venti Cup

Starbuck’s Venti Cup


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