And Spinning Class Begins!

q~Hurray! Spinning class has started again. I was a tad late, after going back home 3 times for items I’d forgotten. Sigh…… Total amazement! The classroom was filled to the brim! Normally we have about 15 or so people, today we had 29 enrolled. There were about 15 new students. How wonderful it that? And, two of the new students are men!

Sadly, we didn’t get any new fiber to try BUT a fellow student shared a great new idea: spinning cotton from organic cotton balls. I went to Walgreen’s and purchased their studio35beauty Organic Cotton Balls. Unroll the cotton ball and you have a small cotton batting. So cool! I have not spun with cotton before and it was quite a challenge since the fibers are maybe 1 inch long. Felt as if I were a newbie spinner again, totally twisted, lumpy, etc. I was on the slowest speed, and slowed my feet down to a crawl, hum. There has to be a way to do this on the wheel and not have to get a charkha. I’ll find out next week at class.


One of the best parts of the class is sharing, Carolyn shared the cotton ball idea. She also got two Babe spinning wheels for Christmas; two different sizes. For those of you who’d like an inexpensive, portable wheel, this one is made of PVC pipe and runs around $250. It comes apart easily for transporting and weighs about 7 pounds. I’d really like a wheel with which I can travel. Hardware stores sell PVS paint so you can jazz it up!


Sara you were missed! Get there early, the class is packed!



8 thoughts on “And Spinning Class Begins!

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize they were that cheap. Good to hear a positive review.

    I have a friend who’s wants to get back into spinning but can’t afford to invest in a wheel. Maybe this sort of thing would work for her.


    • Q – That’s what I though. Perfect timing for all of the new students in class. We have a local distributor who sells for less than The Woolery so it’s worth checking out different places.


  2. How cool is that, that there were a few men in the class.

    My mother is a nurse, she said that one of her patients was an elderly man who knit. He learned when he was a child, and was knitting while he was in the hospital. I’ll have to ask her about him, many of her long-term patients keep up with her after they leave. She’s such a ‘people person’. 🙂


      • I know! I remember reading about that when I researched knitting history. I found it quite fascinating.

        I can’t wait to see how you come along with the cotton, and what a great idea by your classmate. I’m still looking towards the end of this year. I already set up a spot in my bedroom. I think one of my quilting pals spins, next time I see her I’ll ask. If you lived in Maryland, I’d be trying to tempt you with baked goods, fresh produce, herbs, homemade soaps, etc., to let me watch you spin! 😉


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