From 58 To 33 In 30 Miles

q~Crazy Hubs! Around 11 am yesterday he told me to get ready for a drive. Now I don’t know about you, but we’ve been on plenty of drives in my life and they are usually casual, easy, done-in-a-couple of hours. All I can say is I’m sure glad I keep a jacket in the car. As we started driving east towards the mountains I figured we’d be taking one of the back roads and loop back home. By the time we go out to Pine Valley, where I used to work, it was a hour’s drive and he said we were on our way to Borrego Springs! It was already past noon by then, Borrego Springs is about 85 – 90  miles from our home, and most of it non-freeway, this isn’t a drive, it’s a trip! No lunch, no water or drinks, etc were packed for this voyage which we needed especially since the route he planned on driving  was a small, two-laned road.  To me this type of drive involves getting out of the car to look around, which adds even more time to the trip. We didn’t end up in Borrego since it was already around 3 pm when we hit the turn off, so we headed up to Julian and the slow road home. Wonderful day! We’ll drive to Borrego Springs on a day when we leave early in the morning so there will be plenty of time to hike the area, there are so many day hikes!

Crazy temperatures on the drive: Home = 53 F, cold wind; Pine Valley = 33 F, very cold and windy; Anza-Borrego desert = 58 F, cold wind; Julian = 33 F, very cold wind. These are some of the sights along the way. I only had my iPhone and it was WAY to cold in the mountain to roll down the window.

Snow in the Cuyamaca Mountains, San Diego County

Snow in the Cuyamaca Mountains, San Diego County

Anza-Borrego Desert

Anza-Borrego Desert

Wind Turbines in the desert

Wind Turbines in the desert

Q back in the snow at Julian

Q back in the snow at Julian-with her iced tea!

What a delightful day! The sky was clear blue with a horrible wind chill! It’s 30 miles from the “hot” desert floor, to the mountain snow! Amazing! Only bird I was was a Yellow-rumped Warbler.



2 thoughts on “From 58 To 33 In 30 Miles

    • Q – I’ve lived here since 1956 and don’t remember such a cold December – the entire month. We had more rain that normal. Now Jan is super cold! Weather reports say that we’ve been colder than Boston! What??? LOL!

      Always have my knitting.8-) And, my Kindle. Need to be prepared.


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