Freezing Weather and New Socks!


  ” SAN DIEGO – Oddly enough, even polar bears at the San Diego Zoo are getting a helping hand with the unseasonable freezing temperatures sweeping across California.”~San Diego 10News, Jan 13, 2013

It’s true! The polar bears in captivity at the Zoo do not have the thick padding of fat that they have in the wild. With these cold temperatures the zookeepers are turning up the heat.

I finished my first pair of socks just in time. Right now they are warming up my tootsies really well. The perfect socks for spinning. These socks were the January sock pattern in Ravelry’s Sock It To Me group; Beginner’s Socks. Using #6 US needles and Cherry Tree Hill Possum Worsted the socks knit up quickly. The yarn was a knitter’s dream. Possum Worsted; 70% Superwash merino/30% Possum; 109 yards/50g. Each sock took almost one ball of yarn.

Beginner's Socks

Beginner’s Socks

All of the different yarn brands I checked mixes possum with merino. Here is a link to Supreme Possum Merino Yarn which has some wonderful patterns.

I first saw the possum yarn about 5 years ago in a sweater an acquaintance made. There was this lovely, darkish halo around the garment. I immediately purchased colors in natural, red and blue.  So, this is two balls used from my stash! Hurray! First finished object of 2013.

FYI this possum is NOT our opossum for those of you mentally saying, “EWWWWW.” The fiber from this yarn came from brush-tailed possums in New Zealand where they are a pest. The possums were imported from Australia to New Zealand by European settlers. The problem arises when there isn’t any natural predictor to keep the possum population under control. These possums have become a major ecological disaster in New Zealand, one problem is that they are a vector for bovine TB.  Using to fur to make yarn is one constructive use of the pelts. I haven’t seen merino/possum fiber for sale. If any of you know a source for this fiber please let me know! I’d like to add it to my growing list of  types of spun fiber.

“The only way that we can get the possum numbers down to manageable levels is by marketing possum products worldwide and getting people who care about the environment to purchase these products. Only then, will it become financially viable for hunters to trap the possum, reduce their numbers, and help save New Zealand’s environment.” – Supreme Possum Merino Yarn


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