Fabulous Fiber Finds!

q~So, I decided that I needed some more Wool Candy, see Wool Candy Rolags December 13, 2012, and with fiber thoughts running happily through my head I went to my favorite Japanese shop. Now, when I was there before I really didn’t pay attention to the HUGE display of needle felting. My eye fixated on the Wool Candy and tunnel vision kicked in big time. This visit I expanded my visual horizon and saw this visual array of needle felting goodies. One each please.

Needle Felt Kits

Needle Felt Kits

I figured it was better to purchase the needle felting kit and try first before purchasing a kit. A fabulous book in the kit has wonderful projects to try. As typical of Japanese craft books the picture instructions are so wonderful that reading is not necessary. This is what I grabbed.

Then on our cold, windy trip the other day I made sure we stopped at Mountain Beads in Wynola. Totally an eye feast!. My eyes immediately landed on miniature clay cutters which my mind processed as – “Oh, have to have to use with needle felting.” Then, with knitting ever in mind, I found some beads which will be perfect for fun stitch markers. Not that I don’t already have a bunch. Look at my goodies. Aren’t the frogs the cutest? I can see how much fun it will be to make felted cupcakes! The Irish shamrocks spoke to me, dad used to tell stories about his Irish heritage grandmother who had red-hair and a temper to match. These are for that memory.

Had to try needle felting as soon as I got home. Voila! Grabbed some of the fiber I had left from the last Wool Candy package. Made the large yellow star and then added the rust color to the top. So cute and so easy. I need another addiction as much as I need a hole in my head. This is so fun! Now I’ll go back and get the cutest dog and cat kit. I’d love to be directed to any needle felting site that you love.



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