Newest Yarn Toy

q~Thank you, thank you Opal at Celebrate Life! She blogged about her new Boyle automatic yarn-winder purchased at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon. Well, just so happens that I had a 50% off coupon in my hot hand. Went right to Michael’s and purchased the last one in stock. Yipee! Now what to try it out on? Hum, I didn’t have any yarn to wind at the moment. Eureka! Barb’s fingerling cone of yarn she purchased and asked if I’d ply it since she had knitted a vest with it and had held two strands together! Hours later, plying done. Check! Waiting until she came down so we could try the machine together was taxing for this “instant gratification” personality I have. (I’m working on it this year.) The results? I LOVE this machine. Look, I can have it wind straight from the bobbin on the Lazy Kate. Super cool! Thanks Opal!

Winding straight from the bobbin.

Winding straight from the bobbin.


6 thoughts on “Newest Yarn Toy

  1. Glad you like it, I was mildly surprised at how much I enjoy mine and like yourself I was looking for yarn to wind.

    Initially I wasn’t going to purchase it based on the negative reviews about the product (Amazon and Ravelry) but I’ve seen plenty of bloggers that like it too.

    After some digging the complaints seem to be tied with the type of swift you use (umbrella type seemed to cause the most hassle) and using it a a high speed. It seemed that some seemed to have the mindset that if it is electric they could crank it out at top speed, no not really since the yarn cake is more inclined to have a mind of its own if your are using the winder at higher speeds. 🙂

    I’ve wound over 50 skeins of yarn and it’s still going strong. I don’t crank it up at the highest speed, and since I’m holding the yarn, I make sure I watch as its being wound. One time the yarn got caught under the cylinder that spins and I had to end up cutting a few yards of my malabrigo lace yarn. But that was my fault, since my hands were all over the place as I was feeding it to the winder.

    If I had a set up like the one you have, I’d be tempted to walk away while the yarn was being wound, lol. 😉


  2. Great post Miss Q! I’ve often thought about buying one but like most people didn’t like what I was reading but after seeing your photo above, it would be perfect to use for winding off the bobbin 🙂


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