Mystery Solved!

curls– I finally finished the  Fall 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL.  Mystery Solved! What a great shawl all the 5 clues made. It was fun watching all of the new sections developing with each clue.

Blocking the Mystery Shawl

Blocking the Mystery Shawl

Although the shawl pattern didn’t call for two colors, I used two colors for two reason: 1. They were the same brand and 2. Together there was enough yarn for the shawl.  I am glad I made the large blocking board since it was perfect for blocking my shawl. See our Large Blocking Project Part 1 from out May 6, 2012 for instructions on how you can make one.


This was the first lace shawl I have knit. I am glad Q talked me into joining the KAL. I used the crochet hook method to add the beads. Q shows another method of adding beads if crochet hooks are too large for your chosen bead in our September 10, 2012 blog: Throw In A Bit Of Mystery Shawl With Some Tips! I wore it to a birthday party for my friend, Evie, who turned 90. I think the gnome is eyeballing the shawl with thoughts of taking it since it’s been in the 20’s during the night.


6 thoughts on “Mystery Solved!

  1. The shawl is lovely. How long did it take you to make?
    Now, I’m off to check out your blocking board I do remember the entry but I’ll need to go back and check since I’m thinking of making one for myself. I might get a few tips reading that post. 😉


    • I started out in October and try to knit 4 rows a night. I love my board. I had bought the ironing material from Joanns before the board, so I had to buy more material. It is so light weight. You can use it for ironing, too!. Thanks Curls


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