Chunky Knits Are The Rage

q~Have you been noticing how chunky knits are the rage this season? Agujas‘ blog showed some of the super chunk fashions. While mindlessly clicking links on some of my favorite blogs yesterday I found a chunky cowl I’d really like to make! I apologize to the blogger who had the link. I like to give credit to the person from whom I get wonderful ideas! This is the State Street Cowl, a fabulously chunky cowl I’d love to have. Never mind that in Ramona I was up in 81 degree weather today.

State Street Cowl from Quince & Co.

State Street Cowl from Quince & Co.

12 thoughts on “Chunky Knits Are The Rage

  1. I love chunky knits in between larger projects. They’re quick so there’s instant gratification. I’ve been wearing all my chunky knits the last few days as the temperature has been hovering around zero.


  2. I enjoy chunky knits as a palate cleanser between fine lace projects, for sure. 🙂 Although, the ones that Agujas was showing were knitted with yarn so chunky it must have been unspun roving. How does one handle that sort of yarn without getting hand cramps?


    • Q – I know! Either roving or 40 ply. 😎 When I was in Texas I saw U S 50 needles! Super huge! I have the 35, used them so many years ago that I can’t even remember what it was like. I like the description “palate cleanser”. 😎


    • Hi – I looked at that site and hadn’t visited it before. My guess is I visited another person’s blog who is in the KAL! I started my cowl on Wed and finished it Thur! LOVE it!!!! Think I might make a thinner one too.


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