Muddars Are Finally A Finished Object

q~Muddars = Swedish for cuff. I love making beaded muddars. For some reason, the first cuff knit up so well, the US size O needles and beads flew into a beautiful cuff. The second cuff was pure torture to knit. I admit to tons of cussing and ribbiting while doing this cuff. What the heck? Ok, truth be told I finished the first cuff a few years ago. But, DONE! And, given to sister Barb. She mentioned that she needed some new fingerless gloves and told her I was finishing a pair just for her. She told me that she loves them warts and all!

She gave them a “test run” on our hike Tuesday. She’s trying to key out  the the birds we saw on our hike into Ramona’s Grassland Habitat Preserve.

Barb wearing the beaded muddars Q made for her.

Barb wearing the beaded muddars Q made for her.

Materials Used:

  1. My pattern
  2. Needles: – US O
  3. Yarn – GGH Woolywasch
  4. Beads – Size 8

BTW, I got the t-shirt for her when visiting Wildseed Farms which is a wildflower farm located in Fredericksburg, TX. The shirt has beautiful butterflies on both the front and the back. It’s really a deep purple. Don’t you love digital cameras which turn purple into a royal blue color?


FOfridayI’ve added our name to Finished Object’s Friday at Tami’s Ami’s site. Visit to see other wonderful Finished Objects.


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