Tip Thursday

q~To keep the alliteration going between WIP Wednesday and Finished Object Friday one has to have Tip Thursday. I’ve found an item which have made my knitting life easier.

Tip: This was really a Christmas present to daughter Em from her husband Steve. He knows that she loves to read in bed and purchased this perfect gift for her; a MYlight HUGlight. The light is hung around your neck and points downward. I asked where he bought it so I could grab one for myself. He purchased a two-pack at Costco. Sweet daughter insisted that I take one of hers. That totally earned her a spot in our will. (Family joke). This is the BEST knitting tool. I can now knit at night, these old eyes were having problems knitting with regular lamp light. The sides are “bendy” so I can position them to fall onto the knitting. I have even been able to knit dark yarn at night! Hurray! It also doesn’t get hot the way the Occulite does. You need one! (That’s Steve’s grandma Joyce’s beautiful, knit, table cover in the background. I was so touched when she gave it to me. It has a place of honor in most of my fiber pictures.)

Mylight HUGlight

Mylight HUGlight

So what gadgets do you have that make knitting or crocheting at night a heck of a lot easier?

3 thoughts on “Tip Thursday

  1. I’ve been looking at these before and just complained the other night that I couldn’t knit in the car on a very boring 2 hour drive. This is it, I’m going to get one!


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