It’s A Pidge and a Sweaterhood: FO Friday

curls~While knitting my first project, an afghan, I got totally bored with it and bound off. I was about eighteen when I found a project to do with the left-over yarn, a sweaterhood.



This is the first garment I had made for myself. It has pockets, zipper and hood. I look at it now and can’t believe that I made it. 😎

q~Off the needles! My Peasant Ruffled Pidge knit using 1 skein of Angora Fashion Color Twist by Schulana. They yarn is so soft! Made my palms overly hot while knitting.  I chose not to use the two buttons, and am using a scarf pin instead. Finished Object!

Peasant Ruffled Pidge

Peasant Ruffled Pidge

The name intrigued me, what the heck is a Pidge? An old English or Scottish name for a short scarf? Looked it up and found this on Wikipedia.

     The Pidge Scarf is a short cashmere scarf closed with two buttons. The Pidge Scarf, created and manufactured by the company 3Fe Apparel, is hand-knit in the United States [1] with imported Italian cashmere.
After appearing in Daily Candy’s internet mailer on September 19, 2007 [2], a large group of hobby knitters were inspired to knitting similar Scarves. This was most prevalent and documented on the knitting club site Since that time, there have been hundreds of blogs and threads discussing the best pattern for duplicating this short scarf, numerous yarn stores teaching techniques for this scarf [3], as well as an internet video on [4] explaining their technique of knitting a Pidge Scarf.
The Pidge Scarf has yielded numerous nicknames to hypothetically bypass the trademark ownership of 3Fe Apparel. These names include: podge, midge, fidget [5], smidge [6], and pidge-podge [7]

It is FO Friday. Be sure to visit Tami’s Amis Finished Object Friday to see other finished projects.


5 thoughts on “It’s A Pidge and a Sweaterhood: FO Friday

  1. Curls — I’m so impressed with the pocket — it looks great. I don’t think I could have pulled that off at 18.
    Q — The pidge looks interesting but potentially hot to wear if it made your hands hot while knitting. Maybe something to leave in the glove box of the car for when you have one of those spur of the moment trips to the mountains!


  2. How inspirational! In all my knitting, I have never made a sweater for myself. Of course, I enjoy roomy sweatshirts (preferably one that matches my sneakers, lol). But it might be nice to be able to look at one sweater and say I made that for me…Hmm.


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