What’s On The Bobbin?

q~Purchased 3 oz, unknown wool fiber from one of the gals in my spinning class. The fiber was in a bag, it felt really fabulous, and the colors perfect for spinning and knitting a hat for my granddaughter. Yeah!  I pulled hanks off of the wool roving, attenuated it and spun. She was right it spun beautifully; a soft, shiny, fiber. Then…….. I found 1 oz of odd roving which had been “hidden” inside of the beautiful “stuff” and dyed along with it since the dye matches. If feels as if it is coarse, I-hate-to-spin, Dorset or wool of that ilk. I spun it on a separate bobbin. Now I’m not sure I’ll have enough to make Maddie’s hat. I’ll see how much of the “pretty stuff” I have when the yarn is plied. Maybe there’s enough of the ick to make a doll hat? Lesson learned, always pull the fiber out of the bag to make sure it is all good. Any of you have a similar problem?

Fiber For Maddie's Hat

Fiber For Maddie’s Hat


10 thoughts on “What’s On The Bobbin?

  1. That is a beautiful spin! Love the colors! I keep saying I want to spin something other than green, lol. These colors are gorgeous!!

    I have only had one experience where the fiber wasn’t all I thought it would be. But it was bought online…And it was cost-effective, so…


  2. I’m wondering if this batch of fiber was prepared for corespinning. That’s where one strong but not necessarily beautiful fiber forms the core and the gorgeous stuff is wrapped around it during spinning. It’s supposed to make the yummy stuff go further. That could be why the price was so good. The only corespinning I’ve done is with a dark brown core wrapped with lilac-coloured mohair. If the core had matched the mohair colour, it would have looked way better than it did.


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