WIP Wednesday: Socks Of Doom

q~WIP Wednesday! Curls and I both have the same WIP: International Socks Of Doom. We joined a Raverly group Sock It To Me 2013 KAL, the sock is this month’s pattern. The socks are knit on US 5 needles and a DK weight yarn. I’m using GGH yarn since I really don’t have many DK weight yarns in my stash, I’ve tended to purchase fancy yarns, alpacas, and worsted weight. My knitting tip can barely be seen in the picture. I just noticed it isn’t really showing, just a pixels worth. When knitting-in-the-round, I use either two double needles or the magic loop. I HATE using one marker to show the starting side, having to continually slip the marker (wa-wa), so I use a knitting pin on the beginning side. You might also notice that Curls loves to use double-pointed needles and I don’t. I also like to use my tablet whenever possible, meaning I’m not taking the project on the road.

There was a debate in the group as to whether or not large gauge knit socks wear out faster. It was mentioned a smaller gauge is usually used so that the stitches are more comfortable for the bottom of the foot. My possum socks were knit on US 6 and I definitely feel the purls, but I also NEVER go bare footed so have tender tootsies. Any input?

Q's Sock of Doom

Q’s Sock of Doom

curls~Well  it is February and time for a for a new sock from the group “Sock It to Me 2013”  at ravelry.com. There are two patterns to choose from. I chose the International Sock of Doom. I hope to try the Worsted Valentine Heart Sock next. I am using the Sirdar “Crofter DK” yarn left over from the circular vest I made on the knitting machine and featured in our June 10, 2012 blog. I enjoy using the yarn holders Q knitted for me. See our post April 7, 2012 “Cover that Cake With Colorful Berries.” Looking forward to posting the finished pair. 😎

Curl's Sock Of Doom

Curl’s Sock Of Doom

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9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Socks Of Doom

  1. Q- I thought I was the only one who found those purl bumps uncomfortable on the bottom of my feet! I only use very squishy and very soft yarn for my socks because of that problem. Switching out the yarn is the only solution that I’ve found. Even the tiny yarns with a bit of roughness to them means I can’t wear the socks!


    • Q – Thank you! Both of us are new sock knitter’s so input from others is invaluable! As I knit the Socks of Doom, I’m not sure I’ll be able to wear them, the yarn isn’t the softest! Have you found needle size makes a difference?


      • Needle size helps a bit but if the yarn isn’t truly soft, I know I can’t wear the socks. And, the socks also can’t be scratchy. I love Noro but they make the itchiest socks ever… even after the yarn is washed and has ‘bloomed’. My favorite sock yarn so far is Knit Picks Stroll. It’s soft and washable and it isn’t itchy. However, it doesn’t hold up terribly well with washing… it starts to fuzz and pill (as do all soft yarns) but they feel great on the feet.


      • Q – Is that hand washing or machine on gentle? I appreciate the tip. Going to the site now to check out the yarn. I know “Mrs. Sock” in our spinning class uses a lot of Colinette Jitterbug, have you used that? She doesn’t have tender tootsies!


  2. I throw the socks in with the regular wash and then drip-dry them. So, I’m pretty hard on them. I haven’t tried the Jitterbug. If you find a better softie sock yarn, please let me know! Smooshy (Dream in Color, I think is the brand) is another sock yarn that I really liked that was soft. It felted a little with the machine washing but it help up pretty well.


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