Am I The Only One?

q~Am I the only one to finds the comment section of some blogs exceedingly annoying? I’m saying KUDOS to WordPress blogs which have a “Like” button. Yesterday while visiting Finished Object Friday’s at Tami’s Amis  I REALLY felt as if I needed to scream. I actually may have. By the time I started to blogwalk there were 47 FOs  submissions – wonderful! I saw so many lovely items, however, it really is time consuming to leave comments at each one, where is the “Like” button? Then, I tried to leave comments at each one… SCREAM!!!!   Trying to leave a comment at some of the sites is worse than getting a security clearance. I swear one wanted my first born child before I could leave a comment. Then there are the blogs with Captchas – are you kidding me? So to all of you with wonderful FOs I really enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your FO, so sorry your blog was not “comment-user-friendly”.

This is what I think about your comment form!

Captcha? Are you kidding me?


11 thoughts on “Am I The Only One?

  1. The only thing that doesn’t bother me is the like button. I toyed with adding it to my site but ultimately decided not to do so, since that required me logging into another service, WordPress. I much prefer comments/conversation to a checkbox.

    I don’t comment on a lot of sites, but those I do leave a comment. A few months ago, one of my blog buddies had a rant about this very topic. How in some aspects social media isn’t as social anymore, since depending on the sites you visits not too much conversation is going on, but you’ll see a lot of tweets, likes, shares. I’ve been blogging for quite some time, 2002, so in that sense I’m still doing it oldschool.

    However even though it’s highly unlikely I’ll add a ‘Like’ button, I do reward my visitors with things such as a dofollow link, commentluv where they can link to one of their last 10 posts, top comments list on my sidebar, and I allow them to edit their post if they made some typos. It’s my way of thanking them for visiting and commenting.

    If a blog tries to force me to register at another place (OpenID, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, etc.) to comment on their site. I won’t be coming back regardless of how ‘awesome’ it is. There are plenty of sites that don’t try to force me to jump through hoops to comment. I dislike Captcha and other services that make you type a lot of extras before commenting.

    I use a blog reader to visit the blogs I read. IT cuts down on my blog visit time significantly, since all the sites I regularly visit can be viewed from one place.


    • Q – Thanks Opal! I appreciate your input. 😎 There are blogs that I faithfully follow, like yours, in which I leave comments. When I’m on a blogwalk it’s a site-seeing tour, while “in-the-bus” passing through I’d like a snapshot – the “Like” button to show I was there. 😎


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