Green With Envy Handbag!

curls – This felted handbag gets a lot of attention whenever I use it.

green purse

My Green With Envy Handbag has been used for text books, my computer, knitting projects and much more. The patten is called “Rain Drops” which I found in the Knit ‘N Style December 2007 issue.  Having made over three of them, this is the only one I kept for myself. The handbag is fourteen inches high and 12 inches wide. There is a pleat like corner on the bottom and the handle is knitted not steeked. The yarn was ordered off of an ebay seller and didn’t have a brand name. It was knit using two strands held together to make it a sturdier cloth. I really enjoy this felted bag. 🙂

Q – PS. Fibercrush gave us the head’s up that this pattern is for sale on Ravelry. Here’s the link.


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