Big Silver Bird

q~Today we’re off to Hawaii to visit the grandkids. Hurray! A three week visit. We haven’t seen my daughter’s family in over a year so excitement runs high! Big Silver Bird, here we come! Oh, the plans I have. Granddaughter informed her mom that I had to make snickerdoodles with her. It’s one of our “things we do” when the kids stayed weekends with us. Grandson loves to watch birds, his teacher is a bird-watcher too. Hawaiian Bird book and binocs = packed! Granddaughter has been designing clothes, will teach her to sew by using her ideas. The games are packed; Raise the Roof, Shanghai, You Blew It, Yahtzee, and Tangrams. I’ve also packed tons of hugs, kisses, and tickles!

Next stop Hawaii. Will try to find the time to write. 😎

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