The Shawl is Done!


– Well I finally finish the orange shawl.


I am really proud at how well this turned out. While knitting it, I was getting frustrated with cutting the yarn after each row for the fringe. Glad I did! I think the fringe turned out great. I had about ten different colors of yarn and used a size thirteen needle. Not sure how many stitches I had cast on.  I know my mom can’t wait to receive this one. Hold your horses mom, I’ll be there soon. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Shawl is Done!

  1. Tonight I have the grey shawl around my shoulders. Wore it into supper–and the marvelous comments i received Just wait until I wear the ORANGE shawl Looks terrific–Really, I can hardly wait to get it–I really didn’ think you were really knitting it for me. And just wait until I wear it into dinner–The girls will laugh at me and my ORANGE. They think I need orange shorts to go with my orange outfits,, Today, the shawl wold have looked so good on me as I had a sleeveless orange top with my orange printed skirt.


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