Conspicuous In My Absence

q~It’s been awhile. I didn’t plan on being on hiatus quite this long, it just worked out that way. When daughter Em called today worried that I hadn’t been posting I figured it was time. I was sick the entire month before we left for Hawaii, then a sinus infection hit days before the flight. Luckily, it was cleared up enough that the trip was fabulous! The morning of our flight home, I woke up with another head cold. Lovely flying with a sinus problem, my ears stayed painfully plugged for days. Being both sick and leaving my grandkids sent me into a tail spin. I started spinning again yesterday and picked up the knitting needles today. First time in over a month! I’m back! I actually finished sock 1 of the February Sock-It-To-Me 2013 socks. I HATE the yarn, might just be one of those one sock projects.

Wonderful news, in September hubs and I will be welcoming our 5th grandchild! Daughter Em and s-i-l Steve are expecting their first. Exciting times! They’ll find out the sex of the baby on April 15. Woo hoo! What’s extra wonderful is that they live here in San Diego so this baby will stay close at hand. 😎 Steve’s parents are excited too since their other grandchild lives in Ohio.




9 thoughts on “Conspicuous In My Absence

  1. I can’t wait to see the goodies you are going to knit/sew for the baby 🙂 Now if we can just hurry up and find out the sex! This momma-to-be is getting restless!!


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