WIP Wednesday: Capriole Shawlette

q~ I am totally loving the Capriole Shawlette KAL! Lately, A few of us have been commenting about some of the poorly written patterns we’ve been trying to knit. If you’re looking for a well-written knitting pattern, look no further. The only cursing and knitting problems I’ve had with this project are entirely my own, K3 when the pattern clearly states K4, etc. At least the pattern has been divided into clearly marked sections so I realize my mistake IMMEDIATELY when I hit the marker. So thanks to Rachel of Remily for a great pattern. Right now she’s selling it for $1, price will go up after the KAL is finished. Last clue is released today, so hurry and buy a copy. I’m using Knit Picks Bare which I dyed using Jacquard Acid Dye color Spruce. I immersed the skein dry so the colors would be mottled. Love both knitting with the yarn, it give a nice crisp knit, and the color. This shawlette has been a total pleasure to knit. The light spots in the picture are caused by the sunlight filtering through the patio, not the dye. Sun is out early today.

Capriole KAL

Capriole KAL

Fearless in High HeelsWhat am I reading? Fearless in High Heels by Gemma Halliday. If you like Chick Lit meets Mystery meets light humor, this is the series for you – the High Heel Mysteries. My girls and I love them and share on our Kindle account.

Off to Spinning Class. Don’t forget to check out YarnAlong and Tami’s Amis to see other WIP today.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Capriole Shawlette

  1. The shawlette is coming along nicely, I love the color too. If I made it for myself it most likely would be in a emerald green or dusky rose color. 🙂 I currently have a few projects on my Hiya Hiya knitting needles. I’ve uploaded them to my computer but haven’t gottena around to posting them on my personal site. Eventually, I will!


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