On The Bobbin

q~Spinning frenzy yesterday! Finished this BFL which I’d purchased in Jonestown, Texas. Quite lovely to spin, BFL is my fav. I noticed that there was so much static electricity in the air yesterday that the tips of the roving would fly apart when I separated a piece. Spinning was more difficult that  usual. I have damp palms and figured that would add some moisture back. Have any of you had this problem? Solutions? I didn’t want to add moisture directly to the yarn and get abnormal stretching.  Anyway….. Love the yarn! Have two bobbins and think I will spin a brown color to ply with this. Thoughts?

Dyed by Heather Cabanas of Western Sky Knits (WSK)

Dyed by Heather Cabanas of Western Sky Knits (WSK)


6 thoughts on “On The Bobbin

  1. That looks so lovely! Oh the things I could do with those colors. I’m finally making something for myself! I tend to give things away that start out for me, heh.

    Regarding damp palms…
    A former coworker had the same issue but in her case I believe it was caused by mineral/vitamin deficiency. I suggested she drink tomato juice daily and it reduced it was helpful for her. She made it fresh, using a blender to make hers. Initially I made them for her,and she was hooked after that. Tomato juice is a great source of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphrous, iron and several of your B vitamins.

    I’ve also read that witch hazel can be helpful, since it is a mild astringent it reduces pore size which supposedly can reduce palm dampness. I don’t use witch hazel on my palms but do use it on my face because it’s a mild astringent. A great cooldown after an intense workout (gym or gardening) I also add lavender essential oil and ylang ylang to my blend.. it makes a gentle facial cleanser.


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