Mea Culpa From The Monkey House

~I LOVE research, with a science background it’s our meat-and-potatoes so to speak. When I saw yesterday’s prompt I was, in my then opinion, on a short time line – I was meeting Curls at 9 am. Unlike my usually through research for a monkey mascot, I have to admit that I just gave it a lick-and-a-promise and just looked at the first 2 pages of the Raverly “Monkey” search. I’m the type who usually goes through every single page. 😎 I want to make sure I do it right. Well, yesterday I didn’t. I could have posted late in the afternoon and done a better search but did I? Noooo!!! My apologies to Mary Jo Martinek who commented (I hope she doesn’t mind):

Congratulations on a new family member. It just so happens that I wrote a monkey pattern with my daughter. and I would love to send it to you if you like it. …- just let me know if you want to try it. our monkey is easy to knit. the body is a rectangle shape–think scarf with short rows for shaping. because of the way you seam the body there is a pocket in the tummy. when I first started making toys for Children’s Hospital I wanted to include an extra treat with each one. And I remembered how my kids would collect all kinds of treasures and hid them in their pockets. so I came up with a pocket pal. I made larger ones and put a toy or notebook and crayons in the pockets. but then I decided to shrink the design, knit it in leftover sock yarn and add snaps to the hands and feet. suddenly I had garlands of monkeys swinging from lampshades and curtains. right now I am knitting o’possums and muskrats – instead of snaps I am knitting bobbles and loops of i cord to attach the hands and feet together. …

Of course upon reading the comment I immediately clicked on the link and saw Mr Monk: A Sock Monkey Pocket Pal. How totally perfect is this? It so really looks like Papa (my husband), me, and the three oldest grandkids. It has small monkeys for Mason and big monkeys for little Luke. 8 year old Mase has always loved to tuck things away in pockets. I’m in love with this pattern. Look at the split toes on them. Adorable! Had I researched properly yesterday, this would have been a front runner! Thank you Mary Jo! I send kudos to you for making toys for Children’t Hospital. What a thoughtful and insightful gift. Thank you for reading our blog. I can visualize the monkey garland swinging around your home. Makes me laugh thinking about it.

Pocket Monkey Family

Pocket Monkey Family

I’ll be posting the Infographic later. Spinning class today. One of the spinners wants to borrow Mariah, my Lendrum, for a week. She’s looking for a new wheel and wants to see if this is a fit. There are 5 of us with Lendrums in the class, which puts us in the majority. 😎 I’ll be borrowing her Victoria – the small one. I’ve been wanting a “baby” wheel to take traveling. So this is a good trade.

I also need to update that Curls could also fit into The House of Peacocks. She agonizes over which buttons to use on her projects, or which accessory to add. I never knit a sweater, vest, etc project to the end to worry about that. We were trying to blend the names yesterday: Peakey or Moncock (um, no!). Laughed our heads off when we got to the second one. I’m sure the people in Starbucks thought we were nuts! Luckily one of my favorite ex-students, Timmy, works there and knows I’m nuts!


11 thoughts on “Mea Culpa From The Monkey House

  1. Thank you for featuring my monkey ; )
    knitting mr. monk always brings a smile to my face.
    but I am still trying to figure out how to get you a copy of the pattern please e-mail me e-mail address or ravelry name.


    • Thank you for your comment to my Monkey House. I love your Monkeys, as you can tell. I sent my Ravelry name through my iPhone and have to admit, I have phone problems. 😎 All mine, not the companies. I had a reply which didn’t go through. Both Curls and I are excited to try our first “stuffed” animal project.


      • Hmm… I’m looking at it and it appears to be knitted flat?

        I think I’d modify the pattern and knit in the round. That shouldn’t be too hard to do, I had to do the same thing with those knitted dolls I made. modified the pattern so it would be knit in the round. I don’t mind seamed items but with amigurumi, I much prefer seamless.


      • Q- when I see the pattern I’ll let you know! I do love knitting in the round. I’ve never knit amigurumi so I can’t add an “expert” opinion. Lol


  2. Thank you for liking my Monkeys. We got the socks from the local second hand opp shop. Next school holidays we are planning baby Monkeys using baby socks. We actually have the little socks, waiting for the opportunity. The Monkeys are still played with and very loved.


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