FO Friday: The Ribbit Hat

q~Ah, FO Friday and The Ribbit Hat is off the needles and on my son’s head. The yarn was Knitpick’s Bare fingerling which was dyed to my son’s color specifications. When I saw the finished yarn hanging to dry and while winding it, I HATED the color.  Not wanting a solid color, I twisted the yarn and put into the dye pot dry. When I started knitting with it, I loved the yarn AND the color. Go figure. As it’s knitted, the color looks so rich. The pattern is Perfect Reversible Watch Cap by Nancy Elizabeth Designs. Super simple, just remember it’s k1, p1 around, not k around. Sigh….. I’m not a member of  The House of Manatee and this got a bit boring, but the double decrease made this The House of Monkey member happy since I’d never used this method before. Double Decrease: (slip next 2 stitches together knitwise, knit the third stitch, pass the 2 slipped stitches over). Ta Da, let me present The Ribbit hat!

The Ribbit Hat

The Ribbit Hat

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17 thoughts on “FO Friday: The Ribbit Hat

    • Q – Thank you! I agree about “mottled” colors looking richer. The hat is actually the same length all around. I did not notice that Mike had folded it up so the band was larger in the back until I went to edit the pic this morning. I knit the total length until decrease as 7.5 inches. I measured his favorite hat and used that measurement.


  1. The SO has a largeish head and wants something that will cover his ears effectively. I’ll keep this one in mind. The ribbing will also cling to the head nicely, which will help some of the stretching issues we’ve had in the past with my knitted hats.


    • Q- The pattern has 3 sizes. Unlike the Hubs (large head), our son had a medium head so I used that size EXCEPT his favorite had had the lengths for the large size so I knit 7.5 inches before I started to decrease. I really do like the hat.


  2. I love the color, it is rich. I love knitting ribbed hats. They can be simple to knit or elaborate. Hats are usually what I’m knitting while taking my daughter to her various school/church related activities.

    I’m especially fond of I knit those more than any other hat. Currently I’m making hats when I have free time, in the Fall I’ll be donating them all to a local hospital so they can give them to cancer and NICU patients.


  3. Thank you for all your comments on my blog. I hope you found the follow button located at the top close to the header. The color of the dyed yarn goes well with your son’s facial hair.


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