Baby Pattern Queue

q~With thoughts of sewing and knitting for baby floating through my head, I’ve been grazing through the Internet for baby patterns. This is the first grandchild I’ve had since retiring so I have plenty of time to sew and knit. I’ve included the burp clothes.

burb1 Burb cloths made from cotton diapers


1. Dye cotton diapers to desired colors.
2. Measure the “thick” middle part of the diaper.  I think these were 12″ by 5″
3. Cut the accent fabric 1/2 inch longer and wider than the measurement in Step 2.
4. On the accent fabric, turn under 1/4 inch all around and iron down.
5. Place accent fabric on the diaper. pin in place and use a zig-zag stitch around.

burp2Contoured Burb Cloth pattern found at Cloud9 Fabric blog.

Dye flannel to desired color.

I found I like the iDye brand best for cotton. It gives a nice bright color. The Dylon brand tended to give a washed out look.

0866-CGN-Crib_Sheet-1Crib sheet found at Sew4Home using Michael Miller fabrics. I purchased the most fabulous fabric for the sheets designed by Windham Fabrics and by Riley Blake Designs.

Elephant pillow pattern and directions. Michael Miller no longer has the Boy’s Nursery at it’s site.

Bumper pads are not deemed dangerous and our baby boy won’t have any in his crib.
nested bibThis pattern is from Nested blog.

I’ve already dyed the terry cloth backing fabric. The main fabrics will be from the selection used in the burb cloths.

The pocket will not be added since these are to be used during infant teething time, would be better named “Drool Catchers”.

If baby boy is like Daughter Darcey, he’ll start drooling on Day One.

diaperpouchtutorialmeDiaper Pouch Tutorial found on Noodlehead blog.

The tutorial calls for linen scraps. I’ll be using cotton. Linen might be a firmer weave, but is scratchy and needs to be ironed after washing.

A heavier cotton would also work nicely.

Other sites with wonderful free sewing patterns:

Made by Rae



6 thoughts on “Baby Pattern Queue

  1. You’re quite the talented sewer and the burp cloths are adorable! The fabric reminds me of the adorable cloth diapers I had for my daughter.

    Initially I had thought I would have all the time in the world to sew the last few months before she was born. Yeah right, boy was I wrong! I wound up purchasing cloth diapers (FuzziBunz) off of Ebay.


    • Q – LOL! I feel badly that I didn’t do all of this sewing for the other 4 grandkids. I had my hands full working. Actually, I did retire the June before the youngest was born. Unfortunately, the Hubs was in a catastrophic accident at the end of June and I spent then next 6 months busy helping him trying to recover. That left zero time to sew for Luke.


  2. Well you can always make things for the other grandkids now, but judging by your posts you already do that. My daughter reads your blog too, she tells me I’m going to be just like you when I’m a grandmom… making things for her children. Of course she told me that was years away since she also informed me that the thought of liking a boy (like that) grossed her out. She thinks one day she’ll get past that, but for now she’s content in thinking that boys are fun to hang out with but dating any of those “yucky boys” (her words) grosses her out.


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