FO Friday: Baby’s Lotta Snuggler

q~Could not pass up that tongue in cheek. Baby’s Lotta Snuggler was made using the free online pattern from Lotta Jansdotter. The outside is a cotton print which, of course, features elephants. The inside is flannel. Baby is due on Labor Day (how appropriate). Here in San Diego September and October are usually Indian Summers: hot days and cooler evenings. Our weather during these two months is not usually fleece wearing time, baby would get way too sweaty. Thanks Em for taking the pictures, the left side shows the closed snuggler and the right side shows it open. So excited that we found an adorable baby elephant wash cloth which Emily is knitting. I really want one of my daughters to love knitting as much as I do. Maybe she’ll let me feature it next Wednesday.

Baby's Lotta Snuggler

Baby’s Lotta Snuggler

And, as usual, it’s Finished Object Friday so drop by Tami’s Amis and see some of the other items crafty people have completed.


10 thoughts on “FO Friday: Baby’s Lotta Snuggler

  1. I’d let you take a picture of the washcloth, but I made an oopsies on the first line after you left and its been sitting waiting for the next time I see you since! Ha! 🙂


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