My Hats

– I love knitting hats and wearing them. (Q – She looks so wonderful in hats!)


These are a just few of the hats I have knitted for myself. Clockwise: 1) At the top, the red hat is a free pattern from Red Heart which is made with their wool yarn. 2) The brown hat, which I call THE HAT, is made with yarn I picked up in Montana at the Mountain Colors Yarn Company. It is one of my favorite hats. THE HAT is featured on the front cover of “Vogue Knitting” Fall 2009. The article was called “Head Trips”.  The name of THE HAT is Vine and Leaf Beret found on page 75. I love THE HAT so much that I have made 3 of them! 3) The grey hat is from the same issue of Vogue Knitting called Lace Beret. 4)  The last hat, in the bottom left, is the one I made for Q while we were on our Northwest Adventure in Washington. The pattern is Urchin by Ysolda Teague (see our March 31, 2012 post). I made one for Q and one for myself purchasing yarns which matched our hair colors.

Check out our post “Tams are Me,” posted May 8, 2012. In that post is a spring tam I made with green wool yarn which was  hand-dyed by Q.  There is also another example of THE HAT which I gave to mom. 🙂

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