Rest Those Weary Feet

q~With longer days and shorter nights, it’s time to head out to the patio to relax. Unfortunately, our foot rests have all “died” after years of use. I picked up some heavier fabric while on a “knitting and sewing” excursion with Curls. This year I have been making a conscious effort to pick color palettes outside of my comfort zone. This material really does that. I had planned on using Amy Butlers Gumdrops pattern, but got lazy and took an online adventure to look for the perfect pattern. I found the Land of Nod inspired Floor Cushion tutorial at Living with Punks blog. Easy peasy pattern. Total time per pillow is about 1/2 hour from cutting to final product. Here is the result.

Hubs feet modeling the foot rest

Hubs feet modeling the foot rest

A close-up to show the wonderful textured fabric

A close-up to show the wonderful textured fabric

The modifications I made:

1. Sorry, but using a compass is old school. LOL. Follow our directions for Step 1 on our A No-sew Pillow Project For Pets blog from November 26, 2012 to make any sized circle you want.

2. I omitted both the cording and the handle. Since these will be 100% outside I didn’t need to “fancy” them up.

3. I used both a 1/2 inch and a 1/4 in seam around the circle and then serged around. Since these will see rough use I wanted the seams to remain firm.

One other modification next time:

I happened to have 3 extra bags of fiberfill floating around so as per instructions I used that. For use in a foot rest that’s not the best option. In my opinion, this latest type of fiberfill is WAY to slippery and is not a good fit for this project. Since I hand stitched the side opening closed it’s an easy open to take out the slippery fiberfill and replace with bean bag filler. Stay tuned.


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