WIP Wednesday: Owl Cable Hat

q~How quickly the weeks pass. I believe the weeks are really getting shorter! Here’s my WIP The Owl Cable Hat. It matches the Comfort Wool Owlie Sleep Sack we featured on May 28. I’ve stopped at this point because I’m debating wether or not to add beads for eyes.

Owl Cable Hat

Owl Cable Hat

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14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Owl Cable Hat

    • Q – Thanks! I just discovered owl cables recently. Think it was on the Hogwart Scarf. Definitely will have to check back through your blog to see some awesome owl cables. 😎


  1. I made owl hats for the nieces and nephews a few years back. i used buttons instead of beads and ended up just putting eyes on one of the owls instead of all of them.
    whatever you do it will look great ; )


    • Q – Thank you! I looked at the Owl Cable Hat projects on Ravelry and noticed buttons and beads. Both are cute. To be honest, I’m lazy, beads are easier than sewing on buttons. LOL!


    • Q – OMG! I so totally forgot that it was your blog that inspired me to make this! Thank you, thank you! Fell in love with the hat and snuggie the minute I saw them on your blog. At the time daughter hadn’t told us she was preggers so I went right out of my head.


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