Take That Birds!

q8~We are bird watchers who love to feed the birds around our homes. A lot of the plants at my home were planted to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The various birds have a choice of oiled sunflower seed, a bird seed mix, and thistle. When I first put out the thistle the yellow-rumped warblers were all over it, but then the bully Lesser Green-backed Goldfinch moved in and took over. Every morning, a California Towhee is chipping at me out on the patio . This is the most curious bird, when I left the patio door open once, the bird hopped into the house, looked around, and hopped out. As I type this blog, the computer faces out onto the patio and I can see the reflection of my towhee hopping around.

When visiting Darcey in Texas, I purchased some Southwest, wildflower seed mixture at the Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg. What a fun store! Anyway. I know it’s late in the season, but I just got around to planting the seeds. Knowing that they get handouts, I figured the birds would eat the seed so it was time to get inventive. I took a black, plant flat that I got from the Cuyamaca Community College Nursery and turned it upside down over the area the seeds were planted in. Success! With the holes its easy to water and the sunlight gets through. The flat is too high for the birds to fit their beaks into believe me, the towhee tried. I check on the progress of the seedlings every day, they’ve sprouted and are looking great.

Seed Cover

Seed Cover

Towhee jumping around trying to get to seeds

Towhee jumping around trying to get to seeds

Sprouting Seedlings

Sprouting Seedlings

And, does anyone know how to get rid of pesky crows? The crows moved in a few years ago and scare off the other birds.


5 thoughts on “Take That Birds!

  1. Oh what a great tip and as luck would have it I have a few of those! I have been tempted to by some seeds, but really didn’t want to plant them inside and my wee outdoor hothouse is already full. This is a nice alternative.

    Regarding the crows, years ago, a friend of mine downloaded owl sounds and played them near where the crows liked to party. She said, the crows never came back. Not sure if it will work for you, but it might be worth a shot. Crows are fascinating critters, besides occasionally being a nuisance to other birds they have some redeeming qualities. They do a great job of eliminating unwanted pests in the garden. Also a neat fact, is the babies from last year will help raise the newborn babies. I thought that was really interesting…


    • Q- we live in a small development and our house abuts our small, private, community park. We’ve had a pair of nesting swainson’s hawks for as long as we’ve lived here- 30 years. They don’t scare away the crows. I do have some apps with bird sounds. I’ll try that. Thanks!

      I used to teach in a high school in the mountains east of San Diego. I loved seeing the acorn woodpeckers, chickadees, mountain bluebirds, etc. every day. about five years before I retired, the crows moved in and all of the other birds were forced to move out. Made me sad.


      • The crows don’t stay around here long, but we do have owls. I’ve heard them hooting during the daytime too. I’m not sure if that’s the reason they don’t stay around here, but the crows don’t hang around long. They pop in for a visit and then leave. I forgot to add, my friend also had a “fake owl” I guess crows didn’t like that owl, l either.


  2. I’ve decided to focus on planting items that attract bees, butterflies and birds. I am too fascinated by the behavior of nature. Thank you for sharing your story.


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