What To Do! What to Do!


– What to do about a shirt for my grandson. Last year I made a shirt for my youngest grandson for his third birthday. See our blog on 2 Aug. 2012, “Shirts Off to You Ryker“. He loves the shirt and insists on wearing it even though it is too small. I decided he needed a new shirt, this time in child’s size 5.

I bought more fat quarters, size 18 inches by 22 inches, to make a new shirt. That’s when I ran into a problem. I placed the the pattern piece on the fabric. Either the fabric was too short or the pattern too long. So I thought, “I’ll turn the fabric sideways even though the trucks will run up and down.” Nope, fabric still isn’t long enough.  Hum, what to do?

shirtfrontIt was still on the cutting board when Q came over for the day. As serendipity would have it, the day before she had been looking through her old Ottobre magazines and saw the cutest boy’s shirt made out of recycled men’s shirts. She came up with the perfect solution for my problem. 🙂 Make a yoke! I quickly drafted a pattern and cut it out. Now I can’t wait to sew it all together. Perfect Solution, Q! 🙂


(Q – The funny thing is I meant to bring the magazine and show her the cute pattern. I was looking at the magazines for baby ideas. When I saw the boy modeling the shirt. in the Autumn 2010 magazine, I thought, “Wow, that little boy looks a bit like Ryker.” To top it off, the page title is “Wait, Mr. Postman!”, and Barb delivers mail.)

Wait, Mr. Postman - Shirt from recycled shirts

Wait, Mr. Postman – Shirt from recycled shirts


5 thoughts on “What To Do! What to Do!

  1. Q to the rescue, I agree he’s going to love that shirt. I love those colors, and that little model has so much personality.

    I was thrilled when I talked to my nephew on Skype and saw him wearing the embroidered hot wheels t-shirt that I’d made.


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