Gardening Time Again

q8~It’s that time of year again! The days are getting longer so it’s no longer dark out when I awake. Ah, that means breakfast out on the patio while watching and listening to my feathered friends. Since it’s not too cold and not too hot, it’s just right for puttering around in the garden when breakfast is finished. My poor garden hasn’t quite re-cooped from the lack of attention due to our 3 week visit to Hawaii. Bad me, I let the foxtails take over. My lovely daughter Darcey saved the day by sending the most awesome gardening gloves for Mother’s Day.

Foxgloves = 0; Q = 100

Foxgloves = 0; Q = 100

Take that foxgloves, I didn’t have any scratches!

Darcey bought the gloves through Red Envelope one of her favorite online shopping sites. To check out other deals look at her site: theDealyo. Fantastic, money saving, ongoing deals every day. Look  how the gloves match the gardening apron mom made for me.

The best gardening gloves ever.

The best gardening gloves ever.

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