WIP Wednesday: Spinning the Sandwich

q8~Spinning the sandwich! Last Friday I moved Mariah, my spinning wheel, out to the patio. Beautiful day, birds singing, butterflies flitting around, flowers a riot of color, I could not ask for a better spot. Fun times, some of the fibers are a joy to spin others are as if I’m trying to pull teeth. I’ve only spun about 1/4 of the fiber sandwich.

Spun fiber sandwich

Spun fiber sandwich

What I could have done was engage brain. Ok Margaret (my spinning teacher) why didn’t you start yelling at me about ergonomics BEFORE I started spinning? Any of you new spinners and old alike have to remember ergonomics when spinning so you don’t end up with a Cumulative Stress Disorder. Every new school session Margaret takes us through “Spinning Safety”:

Spinning Ergonomics:

  1. Make sure the chair is a comfortable fit for you to push the pedals; not too high and not too low. The seat should not be slanted. You should be able to comfortably lean backwards so you can relax while spinning. The chair should not have arms so that your drafting arm can be held in the correct position.
  2. Do not clench the yarn in your drafting hand, the yarn needs to “flow freely”. Clenching isn’t good for the yarn or your elbow area, could lead to tendonitis.
  3. About the drafting arm: 1. Keep it relaxed. 2. Do not bend it over 90 degrees 3. When doing the short draw, keep it as close to your side as possible. 4. When doing the long draw, do not raise your shoulder, just pull the arm forward and back keeping the shoulder down. Problems could arise with your shoulder and tendonitis in the elbow area if you don’t do this.
  4. Keep both your wrists relaxed. DO NOT CLENCH. Wrists should be kept straight.
  5. Stop and stretch your hands,wrists arms and feet frequently. Get up and get the blood flowing.

With that being said, pop quiz: Which chair should I have been sitting in? Which chair did I sit in?

Which is the best chair for ergonomic spinning?

Which is the best chair for ergonomic spinning?

Of course I sat in the wrong chair, the chair on the left. See the arms, I held my left shoulder up and left arm at an awkward angle which spinning. On top of that the seat is slanted backwards. Really, moving my spinning chair outside was just too much to ask of my lazy self. Results? HORRID pain in my shoulder (the one which has been frozen a couple of times) AND tendonitis by my left elbow. Sigh…… Now I can’t spin for awhile. Too painful. So, please let me guide by example; do as I say, not as I do, save yourself from some pain. Luckily we’re on hiatus from class so I don’t have to explain my stupidity to Margaret and the others.

My spinning chair on the right is so perfect. Friend and fellow spinner Diane suggested to me last year when I first started spinning, that the 15 dollar chair from IKEA makes a perfect spinning chair. Went out and bought one, added my gel pad and it’s perfect. I’m going to sew a padded cover for the back just to “pretty” it up.

It’s WIP Wednesday so time to check Tami’s Amis and Ginny’s Yarn Along for other great works in progress.

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Spinning the Sandwich

  1. I have to sit on a box, because regular chairs are too high for me when spinning, makes my back hurt. Sofa would be ok, but then I’d have to move the table. It’s not easy being a hobbit!


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