Anna’s Always Around

q8~Anna’s always around; flitting from flower to flower, buzzing by our heads, sitting on my favorite dead dwarf peach (another story), squeaking at us, or just generally flying about. This hummingbird does not migrate from our area, even in the coldest San Diego weather, Anna is always around. We are amazed at how brazen this bird is, I guess without any natural predators she doesn’t have to be afraid. I know there are he’s, I swear I see the female more even though the male is “prettier” with the gorgeous red neck feathers.

During the fall, if we leave the front door open Anna’s will fly in straight through the house and try to get out of the vaulted-roof-high window. The Hubs has had to save many a hummer. He climbs up a ladder and plucks the bird down when it’s become too tired to fly. Holding the bird in your hand is as if you’re holding air.

When I go out to water the garden, I’ll spray the water into the air so Anna’s can come and enjoy. I was amazed the first time this happened.  Our garden has a lot of hummingbird friendly plants, so I figure I’m being thanked

Anna looking at me as I take her picture.

Anna looking at me as I take her picture.

Anna loving the purple salvia.

Anna loving the purple salvia.

Male Anna's enjoying the Verbena flower's nectar.

Male Anna’s enjoying the Verbena flower’s nectar.

I actually dusted off my Canon Rebel XSi with the 55 – 250 mm zoom lens to take pictures. My Anna’s deserve better than the iPhone point and click!

9 thoughts on “Anna’s Always Around

  1. Ohhh I am so jealous! When I was younger, my grandparents used to have a hummingbird feeder. I’d sit out by the feeder for hours, reading and generally keeping very quiet, and eventually I was able to befriend the hummingbirds. They’d sit on my hands and shoulders and I couldn’t believe how tiny they were!


  2. We don’t have Hummingbirds here in Australia (we do have many lovely birds though) and it was pleasure to see this dear little bird enjoying your flowers. They really are very beautiful pictures which have so much life in them. 🙂


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