It Was Worth The Wait!!

curls  – Guess who finally showed up?

allgrownWas I surprised to see two, new, baby Killdeer. This year it seemed to take longer than normal for the eggs to hatch, so I thought maybe the eggs were bad. How excited I was to be proven wrong. Mama was covering her babies, while dad was drawing away potential predators by playing the wounded bird. Now to wait for number three to hatch. Look at the adorable babies. They really match the ground. Notice there really isn’t a “nest” the way we imagine one. Killdeer lay their eggs directly on the ground.

Day 2: I got up around 6 am to get a picture of the whole family. What a unpleasant surprise I had when all the birds were gone. I knew from past hatchings that they leave within 24 hours. There wasn’t any sign left that they had been nesting there. 😦

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